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We offer you expert guidance on the psychological aspects on how to become an accomplished performer. We assist in counseling of sports persons in various issues they are facing which may/ may not be directly linked to their sport.

We are franchisee of Mindtech International that deal with career counseling that make use of the proven method: - DMIT Technology. We offer consultation for all types of psychological issues. We assist individuals, groups and corporate personnel to manage their stress.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All activities performed by man are controlled by the brain-mind combination, left to itself it executes its tasks perfectly, but when negative mindset interferes with its normal functioning it cannot perform to the desired satisfaction. It is here that the mind skill training performs its role of changing the negative to a positive mindset.

Practice and hard work occupies the center stage. Mind skill training alone cannot replace learning of the skill through repetition and effort, which are paramount to learning a new skill and its execution. However when negative factors impede the learned mechanism the performance goes awry- it is here `mind -skill training ‘contributes to bring positive results.

The `mind-skill trainer; cannot take the place of a teacher or a skill coach. The teacher/coach is the captain of the ship and the mind skill trainer assumes the supporting role working with the coach and operates behind the scene. I hope this clarification removes the ambiguity that lies in the minds of coaches and parents.

Mind-skill training helps to change mindset, instill confidence, improve self-image, provide motivation, and improve concentration, also to make the person mentally tough. A mind-skill trainer teaches special skills like imagery, use of self-talk, handling pressure and relaxation, developing emotional intelligence etc.

If the client is facing a clinical issue that would require medication the mind-skill trainer would refer the case to professionals who are experts in this area. The trainer cannot treat individuals unless qualified in this area.

Yes, when the trainer is a certified counselor then he is adept at handling psychological issues.

Definitely no! Even normal people require learning new mental skills to make the maximum use of their mental ability- to face new challenges that keep growing from time to time -as they progress from one stage to another in their life. Many elite athletes and celebrities have been known to have utilized the services of mind-skill trainers for performance enhancement.


We make use of biofeedback technology for performance enhancement. We follow up on our client’s progress and lend valuable support to them at all times.

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